Tuesday, June 27, 2006

post PRIDE 06

People keep asking me "Ryan Charisma what did you do for PRIDE 06?" Well my people, I did very little. No parades for this lone gay. I've grown weary of the parade having been in it several times and watched it dozens of times. So I chose to sit out this year, and what a good year to pick. The weather was horrible, muggy and threatening thunderstorms all day. I must say I liked being as gay as I possibly could be. Most of the time most people don't even know I'm gay. But for this past weekend I've gayed it up - for all of you, my little puddles of love. Am I PROUD? Hell yea, Do I want equal rights...YES! But I'm not asking for them, I'm demanding them. And I've decided I don't need to be nice to bigots. I don't need to give you educated reasons why I should get married. And I certainly don't have to defend weather or not I was born gay or chose it. It's no ones damn business. Keep your religion out of my government. Geeez.... makes me wish I was a woman so I could go get an abortion.


Blogger CawfeeGuy said...

bravo! **claps**
you missed a helluva parade though

8:59 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

just to proove I can be contentious from afar...how I do love a good ole radical left rant...

it wont secure those rights you want, but at least you'll feel better.

9:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

who doesn't know your gay?
the deaf....no they can see you
the blind....no they can hear you
the mentally handicapped...no they are like you
the red states.... not they hate you
who? who? who?

12:58 PM  

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