Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Evil Dead: The Musical

Last night, my friend Michael took me to see Evil Dead: The Musical. Oh my God, it was so funny. Hysterical to be exact. The show is very tongue in cheek and doesn't take itself any more serious than it has to. The choreography, I thought, was perfect. It was cute, fun and lovingly poked fun at itself, for what it was. The cast was great. The musical had inventive numbers like: "Housewares Employee", "What the...?" & "You Blew That Bitch Away" and they were so funny. As for blood and gore, oh it's there. It's there for sure. The play actually follows the cult classic film to a 'T'. Now, make no mistake, this is an adult show. The obvious themes of violence & sex, as are in these slasher films, are all there and not hidden. But for a fun night out with friends, especially this Halloween season, I highly recommend this. Oh, and have a few cocktails too. You'll love this. I would see this again. I always say "off Broadway" is where the art is created. I hope this show runs long enough for everyone to check it out. I think Mr. Adam would like this one.



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