Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan

Has everyone of my delicious little pumpkins seen this hysterical movie yet? This movie is a paradox. I'll 'splain my childruns. The movie which encompasses a faux documentary of "Borat" (Sasha Cohen) going to America to learn about our culture and to bring it back to his native Kazakhstan. He, of course, gets sidetracked and ends up seeking out Pamela Anderson. This movie, as funny as it is, is also very, very eye opening. I am amazed at the amount of ignorant, bigoted American citizens there are. I'm dumbfounded that some of these "good citizens" signed the release. Because honestly, if I knew some of them before seeing this movie; I wouldn't want to know them after seeing it. They say such horrible, awful things...out loud, on camera. Yes! You should see this movie. Yes, you should be embarrassed by how ignorant our "red states" truly are. And YES! This movie is so wrong, but so damn funny. I say Hooray for Borat, if for nothing else then to show us the ugly underbelly of America with a laugh and sometimes a gasp.
On that same thought, I know many people are trying to sue Sasha Cohen for this movie. I must say, none of them deserve a cent. They acted like assholes they deserve to be ostracized and I sure as hell hope they are. Yes I'm specifically speaking to the two college boys. If I were the judge in your case - I'd sentence you both to work in a women's shelter, you little bastards.



Blogger The Persian said...

I loved Borat, I don't think I have laughed so much in well, way too long. If you get the chance look at the deleted scenes on Youtube. Especially the one where he attemps to adopt a puppy, that's all I will say!

Great blog btw!


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