Tuesday, November 14, 2006


This same past weekend I took Mr. Adam to go see The Departed. I really enjoyed it. Of course you know it's star studded. And I absolutely love that Alec Baldwin was in it. He's awesome. I love him in everything. I know, I know he's got one of the smaller roles in this Martin Scorsese film. But I just love him; I'm a fan. Regardless, the movie is (as you may already know) a gangster film based around "Whitey Bulger" of Boston. The movie is a short 2.5 hours. I found there to be way too much guns and violence. But that's my personal taste. But then again, what would one expect from a gangster movie. The performances were outstanding from Jack Nicholson all the way across the boards. I would recommend seeing this movie, but it's most likely not necessary to see it on the big screen. This movie will be just as effective on DVD. There I said it!



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