Wednesday, August 20, 2008

18 or 21

Well, I thought I'd never write about this. Certain colleges are petitioning for a discussion about lowering the drinking age to 18 yo. First off, I have to say this idea suck the big ass of life. I believe these colleges want to shed the responsibilities of their on-campus bars & events of checking for ID's. You damn colleges charge a gazillion dollars a semester. Put two people at the damn doors and shut the fuck up. There I said that. I know when I was that age, I wanted the age lowered. But honestly, and let's all be honest, isn't that really why anyone under 21 wants it lowered? Selfish reasons? Yeah, I thought so.
Now about you people shouting off about "if they're old enough to defend our country & vote, then their old enough to drink." But you see the issue isn't the 19yo who can't drink today. It's the 15 yo who can't drink if we lower the age tomorrow. You see? With the drinking age at 21, mostly 18, 19 & 20 yo are sneaking the hooch. But if the age lowers to 18, then the 15, 16 & 17 yo will be the ones sneaking. Is everyone following me? These 16 yo have just gotten their licence and can't make good driving decisions sober, never mind if they've been out with their friends and still need to rush home for their curfew. Hence, a barrage of horrible awful car accidents. Are you ready for your children, nieces & nephews to die in a car wreck due to alcohol? If that call comes tomorrow, will you shrug and say "oh well, it's the price I'm willing to pay so that 18 yo can drink." I doubt that. Overall, I'm saying the "sneaking age" of alcohol will lower and that is the issue. Not whether 'soldier' Johnny can die for his country (his choice btw) and drink, but rather that 'little' Johnny doesn't find himslef wrapped around a bridge abutment on some random Friday night with a car full of kids. Or worse 'little' Johnny will smash into your car, or your wife's, mother's, husband's, father's or children's cars. If you've ever lost a loved one this way, you would understand where I'm comming from.
So in turn I say, NO do NOT lower the drinking age. As we can see from this entire selfish generation of children, who are supposed to be the first generation that won't outlive their parents, and who we're trying to preserve this planet for, who refuse to practice safe-sex, they're not responsible. Not with money, not with their lives and certainly not with yours or your family's.
Kids will be kids, but don't give them alcohol while they're doing it.


Blogger Naked Boy said...

And all those old people that drink and drive, should we start taking drinking rights away when you hit 75 or 80?

The college students drink anyway. Let them drink legally.

7:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

No offense, Ryan, but this is one of the most poorly argued arguments I have ever read.

6:00 PM  

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