Tuesday, August 05, 2008

The Raw Shark Texts

Hey kids, I've finished another book. This was one crazy-assed book. This book written by Steven Hall was a bit esoteric for me. But momma will 'splain all to you now...
The main character of the book Second Eric Sanderson awakens in his room with complete amnesia, he can't remember anything about his life - First Eric Sanderson. He begins therapy with a psychiatrist but finds later finds that First Eric Sanderson has methodically sent him information pertaining to his past life. Apparently, First Eric Sanderson was trying to save the memories of his girlfriend/wife (who died) with conceptual fish. (Momma told you this got esoteric.) But the worst of the conceptual fish the Ludovician. A giant conceptual shark that feeds on memories. Hence, why Second Eric Sanderson remembers nothing. This Ludovician doesn't stop eating its prey's memories until they're gone. So once Second Eric Sanderson begins living as Eric Sanderson the Ludovican can pick up on his trail and attack. And it does attack wherever and whenever it can.
The remainder of the book is Second Eric Sanderson trying to find out more about his life. And trying to remain one step ahead of the Ludovician. Eventually the end of the story is similar to Jaws, only different. I think this would make a really, really interesting movie. Sort of a cross between Memento & Jaws. If you read, you may like this. But remember, you have to think about this one. kisses!



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