Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Monster of Florence

WOW. I'll tell you guys, this book was very interesting. The Monster of Florence by Douglas Preston & Mario Spezi was not my typical read. As you (my favorite people on earth) know I'm not a non-fiction type of guy except for some political(ish) books. But this book really affected me. Made me think, and I hate doing that as it give me lines. But let me tell you about it...

This book is about a serial killer in Italy from 1968 - 1985. In that time straight couples didn't live together, they lived at home until they were married. So on warm summer nights they went to remote parts of the countryside to "get their grove on." This killer would interrupt them in 'flagrante delecto' - shoot the guy in the head then the woman, drag her out onto the ground and cut off her left breast and cut out her vagina to take with him. Gross right? Anyway, this true story doesn't end with the killer it tells about the theories of who the killer(s) may be, the crooked and stupidity of the local Italian police and how superstitious the native Italians were. This is a very interesting read, but at times the book became very wordy without information flow. Which bores me personally to nodding off. That aside the facts and disaster that is the Italian judicial system was fascinating.

"ryan charisma, would I like this book?" Well, first let me say - eh, probably not but I would like to update that with the fact that the copy I read (thank you Geoffrey) had the new afterword in it and that was really interesting. This current case of Amanda Knox was being tried by the same crooked prosecutor that dealt with the Monster of Florence. And he was up to his old tricks with this poor American girl. So no, don't read the book as Tom Cruise bought the movie rights and will be in the movie. hmmmmm.



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