Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Brighton Beach Memoirs

Last night Michael from Jersey took me to see the revival of "The Neil Simon Plays" on Broadway. We saw the first one "Brighton Beach Memoirs". Which included Lauri Metcalf (who was phenomenal) as the mother Kate. Now these two shows are running together with the same cast members (except for Eugene, as he's a 15yo kid in one, and an adult in the other) And this single cast/double show thing(y) has me intrigued... I want to see "Broadway Bound" now.
Naturally, the show is classic Neil Simon. And it was done well. Very well. In college I had done props for our production of Brighton Beach, so I knew the show pretty well. But this show, and these actors breathed some awesome freshness into this older script which takes place in late 1930's.
The set was great. The costumes were really good. The direction was very interesting as were the very full, fleshed out characters. "ryan charisma was everyone really that good?" Well, yes, but if you want me to be extremely critical. The two youngest actors in the show, acted with their hands just a tad too much. But I feel that will change as they become more comfortable with the show. I really, really liked this play. Should you see it? Yes, yes you should.



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