Wednesday, October 07, 2009

MEMPHIS - the musical

Last Wednesday night, my friend Michael took me to see Memphis - the musical. Let me tell you. I didn't expect much from this show - but it was great! Really great. Big sets, big costumes, huge cast & the choreography was phenomenal. Great show. Big budget.
The show is about a subject we've seen many, many, many, MANY times. Segregation. It basically is Hairspray - only different. The story revolves around the first DJ to play "colored music" on a white radio station. And yes, the DJ is white. He just loved the music. And the music represented in the show was great. Of course I was taken back when I heard the word "nigger" - man that word makes me shudder every time I hear it. I watched the show and couldn't believe people really thought that way. Baffling. Does the show have a pretty Hollywood ending like Hairspray? Well, no - it's a little more like real life in that aspect. But I won't ruin it for you because you should see it. You really should.
Now I won't review each performer as that's not my typical style of reviewing, but I have to mention Chad Kimball. This guy is so much a part of this show, I'm not sure an understudy/swing could do it justice. It really is his show. He plays the DJ. This guy can everything, sing, dance and act - but most of all he's awesome! His performance will earn him a nomination for a Tony - I promise. Go see this before you can't afford tickets. No really - this show is going to be big.



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