Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Michael took me to see this play at Circle in the Square. First off, yes - it is about football. Football is the one with the brown diamond shaped ball right? The show is Lombardi. First off, the show had 6 characters and was performed in the round. I wasn't sure I was going to enjoy this sports themed show as we all know - sports are blatant expressions of gay oppression. But I digress. What I did find was that this show was not only something that the ladies would enjoy, but they could bring their husbands along and they wouldn't sleep through the $120 ticket price. That's right, this show is husband approved. Remember that. But back to me. I found this show riveting and it pulled me right in. I love naked stages and simple props with tough, on-the-mark acting. This show delivered, although the stage wasn't quite naked. But let's dish...
This show was about Vince Lombardi the famed football coach that the Superbowl trophy is named after. The narrator of the story is a journalist who is spending one week with Lombardi, his wife and the Packers football team to do a cover story on Lombardi. He's a gruff man, with vulgar language and a loud demeanor. Beyond that, you learn he has passion, passion for what he does. The time period that this week takes place is after the Packers won their 2nd Superbowl. I really enjoyed this show. Should you see it? Yes, you should. And I still haven't figured out who shoots the puck.



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