Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Scottsboro Boys

Damn! Damn! Damn!!!
Michael Marie took Mr. Adam & myself to see this show. The Scottsboro Boys is the final collaboration by musical theatre giants John Kander and Fred Ebb. And man, did they pack a punch right into my my sense of right and wrong. There was SO much talent on the stage that I was in awe. So many levels to this script and it was so clever. But I was horrified by the subject matter. Honestly, the story gave me nightmares. I'm still disturbed that human beings are responsible for this. Let me 'splain...
The show starts off in the fashion of a minstrel show of the 1930's. We're here to entertain you, says the only white character in the show and then tells us we're going to tell you the story of "The Scottsboro Boys", only this time the true story. And what a story it is. The whole show/story is presented as if you're watching said minstrel show with several of the 9 "Scottsboro Boys" playing duel roles for the sake of the story line. They sing, they dance, they move the set (which consists of about 14 chairs). I was aghast. I wanted to cry. I had nightmares. What a great show, what a horrible story. I still can't shake it as I related to the story a gay man. I mean, first the witch hunts, then the slaves and now the gays. It's appears the south just needs to hate. Oh and hate it did in this story. Should you see this show? YES! And don't cry on your way out when you see pictures of the real Scottsboro Boys. Cause it will break your heart.



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