Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Last week my friend Michael Marie took me to see elf on Broadway. No not the movie. But I'll tell you it was good. Although the book of the show cut a few corners of the story from the movie, it pretty much followed it exactly. I have to say, for what this show is, I really enjoyed it. A fluffy, mean nothing musical with a big cast, nice sets and multimedia that was, at times, breathtaking. I mean who wouldn't want to sled through a forest of candy canes? The music is fun, yet forgettable. The costumes were colorful and fun. Will this show win awards? I doubt it. Will children enjoy it? Yes.
I must say that the lead Sebastian Arcelus (Buddy Elf) was phenomenal. So very likable and so very talented. And he's straight! hmmm... go figure! Anyway, the show started off with Santa (George Wendt) as our narrator. Good choices. Should you see the show? Sure, it closes January 2nd so go soon!



Blogger Caroline Stokes said...

Wow! Am I ever glad I came across your page. Really, I am! I kind of see it as a sign actually. I'm thinking about applying to musical theater school.

You mentioned that the music is forgettable - did they at least sing "Baby It's Cold Outside"?

Great page!

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